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“The use of science and technology to investigate and establish facts in criminal or civil courts of law.”

The professionals at Veris have specialized expertise in accounting, financial reporting, internal controls, financial regulatory compliance and economic damages analyses. The nature of some of the expert services we have provided include:

  • investigation of highly publicized corporate financial reporting matters such as Enron
  • finite reinsurance investigations
  • analysis of some of the largest insolvencies in U.S. history
  • investigations of financial reporting and internal controls of failed financial institutions on behalf of federal and state regulators
  • fraud investigations, including Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations and complex Ponzi schemes
  • comprehensive measurements of economic damages
  • expert guidance involving Anti-Money Laundering compliance

We are active in the accounting standard-setting process, with leadership on the committees that have been the source of authoritative guidance on many major accounting and financial reporting issues.

Veris has been engaged on behalf of regulators and as adverse to regulators, on behalf of parties asserting claims against outside professionals and on behalf of defendant outside professionals.

Veris has been engaged in connection with several of the largest corporate failures in U.S. history.

We have consulted with and testified on behalf of the United States Department of Justice, as well as on behalf of the Securities and Exchange Commission. We have also been engaged by several state regulators in connection with their oversight and investigation of several major failed insurance companies.

Veris has been involved with many high-profile corporate investigations, including some of the largest Ponzi schemes and Foreign Corrupt Practice Act investigations, to date. We deliver confidential and swift responses to high-risk events related to inquiries and examinations, financial indiscretions and restatements, whistleblower accusations, insufficient disclosures, embezzlements of corporate resources and shareholder derivative suits.

For expertise specific to accounting, financial reporting, internal controls, financial regulatory compliance and economic damages, Veris has no peer. Our references will confirm that.

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