Primary Market Research


Veris Consulting has expanded its Survey Research practice through the addition of the team of Jeff Adler and his colleagues from Centrac DC, Maureen Austen and Laura DeLano. The Primary Market Research practice will be branded as "Centrac DC, a division of Veris Consulting" and will be led by Mr. Adler who has over 30 years of experience in the area of market research and is a renowned expert in his area of practice.

The addition of Centrac DC’s seasoned team of experts broadens Veris’ suite of survey research services to include a full spectrum of customized primary market research services, including quantitative and qualitative survey research services applied to areas such as product testing, new product positioning, customer satisfaction, advertising research and trademark litigation. Our new primary market research team is expert at surveying defined and often hard to reach populations for large corporations and nonprofit organizations in industries such as healthcare, packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, retail, medical devices and surgical supplies, life sciences, travel, publishing, healthcare sites, insurance carriers and financial services. 

The services that our Primary Market Research practice provides include: