Corporate Investigations

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Corporate Investigations - Representative Engagements
  • Retained by a major international shipping company to conduct forensic accounting investigation of activities of certain employees and vendors involved in fictitious vendor and asset misappropriation schemes, including calculation of damages and assistance in filing insurance claim.
  • Assisted in-house counsel of a multimillion dollar global development company with an internal investigation of potentially fraudulent procurement activity involving numerous U.S. Government contracts.  Our findings were used in reporting to various agencies in the U.S. Government.
  • Assisted DOJ and SEC in FCPA investigation of alleged bribery of foreign government officials by a Fortune 50 company, including review of books and records and analysis of collateral consequences for purposes of determining amount of fine.
  • Conducted, on behalf of independent counsel representing audit committee of a U.S. publicly held Internet company listed on NASDAQ, an investigation involving allegations that company’s Mexican operations had recorded fictitious revenues.
  • Engaged on several engagements involving Ponzi-scheme type operations requiring tracing the flow of transactions and funds through entities and related parties as well as a review of assertions of fraudulent transfers.
  • Engaged on behalf of a Madoff “feeder fund” to evaluate assertions brought by a pension fund investor in the Madoff fund.  Veris’ evaluation included a review of the regulatory environment and oversight of the Madoff operations, an evaluation of the internal controls and verification tests that were performed by the feeder fund as well as an evaluation of the performance and yields of relevant indices and similarly situated funds.  Veris also reviewed and evaluated the damages asserted by the pension-fund investor.  Deposition testimony provided.
  • Investigated the interests of a major direct investor in Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC (BMIS) over a period of decades.  Our analysis and demonstratives resulted in a reduction of hundreds of millions of dollars in the amount of the ultimate settlement with the BMIS bankruptcy trustee.
  • Engaged by a high-profile national figure whose investments had been managed by Kenneth Starr for many years.  Working directly with a variety of third party investment funds and financial institutions, Veris traced the relevant flow of funds through various accounts.  Also evaluated the viability of certain unique investments arranged by Mr. Starr and worked with legal and financial representatives on a variety of other high profile Starr clients to retrieve and distribute proceeds from investments made by him.
  • Engaged to evaluate the solvency of a now-bankrupt energy conglomerate in one of the most high-profile accounting scandals in history.  The engagement involved an examination of a portfolio of assets using varied techniques for fair value measurement at multiple dates.  Analysis included the identification of both observable and unobservable inputs to determine fair market value while simultaneously considering complex structured financial instruments and any associated off-balance sheet liabilities.
  • Engaged by counsel in several engagements involving the identification, review and evaluation of alleged fraudulent transfers.  These engagements have been in the context of both domestic and international disputes involving post-acquisition disputes and post-insolvency evaluations.