Veris Appoints Michelle Avery President and Sr. Managing Director

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Veris Consulting, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Michelle Avery to President and Sr. Managing Director.

“I am pleased to announce that Michelle Avery has been promoted to President and Sr. Managing Director of Veris.   Michelle has worked tirelessly to enhance Veris’ culture and to promote our relationships among the legal, regulatory and academic communities.   I look forward to Michelle helping us continue to build upon the growth we have experienced in the past few years” said Larry Johnson, Chairman and CEO of Veris Consulting.  Michelle was previously an Executive Vice President and Managing Director with Veris.

She joined Veris following her graduation from the College of William & Mary and has been an integral member of the Veris team for almost two decades.  Throughout her career as a CPA, Michelle has specialized in forensic accounting and litigation consulting services and has extensive experience assisting counsel in causation and damage assessments pertaining to auditors’ liability and directors’ and officers’ liability, as well as measurements of economic damages, in a wide array of matters including failed property/casualty and life and health insurance companies, ERISA, class action, and securities litigations.

Michelle currently serves as a member of the NAIC/AICPA Working Group Task Force and has previously served with the AICPA as a member of the Property and Liability Insurance Entities Audit and Accounting Guide Overhaul Task Force and the conforming changes review committee for the Audit and Accounting Guide of both the Audits of Property and Liability Insurance Companies and the Audits of Life and Health Insurance Entities.

Michelle served as a member of the International Association of Insurance Receivers Board of Directors, and is currently the Vice-Chair of the College of William & Mary Mason School of Accounting Programs Board and serves on the James Madison University School of Accounting Guiding Executives Board.